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Bay Area native Brandi Chalker is a reformed plant killer who now describes herself as a "crazy plant lady," and one of her greatest passions (in addition to political activism, perfectly crafted cocktails, and delicious home-cooked meals) is sharing her love of plants with anyone who will listen.

Brandi's plant journey began in 2011 in San Francisco, when she opened a succulent nursery in the backyard of Urban Bazaar, the store she owned at the time. There, she created San Francisco's first DIY succulent planting station called The Succulent Bar. She also began teaching people how to make succulent terrariums, which is now her most popular workshop.

She left retail in 2012 to launch Sunshine & Succulents, through which she’s been teaching botanical workshops and designing plant arrangements ever since. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer a month after launching Sunshine & Succulents, she discovered the therapeutic and healing benefits of working with plants, which helped keep her sane during a long and stressful journey to remission. She still relies on “terrarium therapy” as a way to find a bit of peace in this chaotic world.


In 2015, Brandi, her husband Wes, and their dog Maus moved from San Francisco to Petaluma, where Brandi was born. Looking to put down roots again with a brick and mortar space for her business, Brandi purchased a home and garden store, Radish, in 2017. It was clear that a new name was needed to fuse her two businesses together, and so Radish and Sunshine & Succulents have now become Flourish, a place for Petalumans to be inspired by plants and to find objects of beauty to brighten up their days.


WORKSHOP INSTRUCTORS / inspirers of creativity

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Kaelen Van Cura got her first plant, which she named Been (as in “has been”), when she was six years old. Ever since then, she’s been using her green thumb to care for an ever-expanding menagerie of plants. When she’s not gardening or making terrariums, she is creating jewelry under the name Darling Marcelle.

Kaelen teaches many of our corporate team building workshops and private workshops, and occasionally teaches our public workshops in San Francisco too.

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Melissa Elysian is a life coach and the creator of the Mystic Soul School.

Through 1:1 coaching, group workshops and retreats, Melissa teaches others how to create the life of their dreams through the power of manifestation. Her students learn how to live authentically by staying in alignment and in flow. Basically, she teaches us all how to be more like plants.

Melissa teaches a creative Vision Board Workshop designed to help you flourish.

RETAIL TEAM / answerers of plant questions, givers of gift advice


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Kate Grenert has worked a variety of jobs over the years, but she always comes back to working with plants. She loves chatting with our customers about plant care and learning new things about plants on a daily basis.

When she's not at work or fussing over her personal jungalow, you’ll find her doing some outdoor gardening, in the kitchen trying out new recipes, or managing her menagerie of pets.

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Sandy Molina loves spending time in her garden, being surrounded by plants at Flourish, and helping people fine beautiful plants to decorate their homes.

She is also an artisan, specializing in repurposing and upcycling beautiful textiles through her business, Full Circle Designs. Her work includes a line of handbags, pillow shams, and other home decor items, many of which are made from vintage grain sacks.

You can find Sandy's bags at Flourish.