The Terrarium Bar

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Everyone wants their special event to be memorable, and we make that happen with our one-of-a-kind Terrarium Bar experience.

Perfect for large events like weddings, private parties, corporate Happy Hours, and conferences, the Terrarium Bar will delight your guests with the opportunity to build their own "tiny world." Each guest can craft a small terrarium with succulents or air plants, colorful pebbles, and vibrant mosses. We provide assistance, answer questions, and provide care information for the plants.

This casual activity is great for socializing and provides your guests with a unique favor and a memorable experience.

Generally the Terrarium Bar is for groups of 50+ people, however we're happy to work with you for slightly smaller groups.

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"A million thank-yous for being part of our wedding! Everyone absolutely loved the Terrarium Bar.
It was exactly the personal touch we were seeking!"

- Melinda P., San Francisco

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How it works:

The Terrarium Bar is less formal than a workshop, so it provides your guests with a fun opportunity to make something beautiful without the time and focus that a workshop requires.

We set up a greeting table, where your guests will pick up the supplies for their terrarium, and a maker table, where they will go to make their terrarium. At the greeting table, we introduce each person to the project, show them a sample terrarium, and help them pick out their succulent. Then, we send them over to the maker table, which has simple step-by-step instruction signs and all the decorative materials needed to make a beautiful terrarium. We're there to answer questions or help out as needed. Guests can take as long as they want to create their terrarium.

The Terrarium Bar is structured to be a drop-in activity, so rather than all of your guests making a terrarium at the same time as would happen in a workshop, they can stop by for 5-10 minutes anytime they want during your event and make a terrarium at their leisure. Depending on the size of your group, we will have either one or two maker tables set up, and each can fit 8-12 people at a time.

The terrarium your guests will make is a 4" bowl style glass, and in addition to their succulent plant, guests can choose between a variety of colors of pebbles and vibrant reindeer mosses to decorate their terrarium. We provide a huge variety of healthy succulents, and with all the decorating options, no two terrariums will look the same! We also provide care cards, so your guests will walk away confident they can keep their new plant happy and healthy.

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succulent terrarium wedding event workshop san francisco bay area sonoma marin

If you're interested in booking the Terrarium Bar for your event, please fill out this form and we'll be in touch about pricing and scheduling.

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